Welcome to the space of NFT’s, where digital art is now much more than just a marketing piece.

Non-fungible tokens are unique digital assets that can’t be replaced.

To get a little technical, NFT’s are typically supported by a cryptocurrency called Ethereum. However, NFT’s differ from cryptocurrencies as such, because currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum are exchangeable where as an NFT isn’t.

An NFT has its own digital signature which can’t be exchanged, therefore unique.

So, how do you benefit from an NFT?

Simply put, it’s profitable. People can buy an NFT and then sell it on for more.

Remember, the artwork can be anything. The important part about NFT’s is it is driven by demand.

For example, Co-Founder of Twitter Jack Dorsey made more than $2 million for selling his first ever tweet. Now, the buyer of this NFT holds a unique asset. They can either wait for the value of it to go up or keep it as a ‘piece of art’.

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